Our journey 

We brought ChargeWorks to fruition to combine our knowledge, experience and shared passion for our planet and our common future.

We are driven by working with people and projects that cut carbon, save money and engage others in the journey to net zero. It’s those win-wins that get us out of bed – to make new connections, share our knowledge, energise homes and businesses and to demystify energy as a whole.

Our mission 

Our mission is to accelerate your journey to net zero by providing bespoke, expert, independent advice on energy and transport.

We empower decision makers in businesses, communities and homes to make choices that don’t cost the earth.

If this sounds like something you align with, or want to find out more about, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you

Who we are

We are an independent and impartial team of experts in renewable energy, sustainability and electric vehicles.

Our bespoke EV and solar PV design and consultancy services provide your organisation with the right level of support you can rely on. We provide a tailored solution to match your requirements, budget and ambition.

ChargeWorks also provides a unique benefit and reward package of 1-to-1 consultations to demystify energy, electric vehicles and sustainability, helping your employees or members to manage their own impact. 

Our team

Tom Cole


Tom has amassed real-world design and installation experience working in the renewables sector, managing a portfolio of projects worth several million pounds. He also supported the nationwide renewable energy programme with the National Trust. Tom co-founded ChargeWorks as a specialised, independent and impartial solar PV and electric vehicle consultancy in 2020 to improve design and installation quality, whilst raising ethical standards.

Emma Fancett


Emma has worked with a range of private and third-sector organisations since 2012 to integrate sustainability into working practices while managing stakeholder engagement in decarbonisation projects. Emma combines qualifications and experience in project management, education and training, and transport systems with an MSc in sustainability and leadership. She oversees ChargeWorks’ own impact reporting and leads our electric vehicle and benefit and reward projects.

Tim Nicholson


Tim has been consulting on and installing solar PV systems for commercial, domestic and community clients since 2013. Prior to moving into renewables, he worked as a chartered surveyor for DTZ, Pillar Property plc and Granger plc. Given his experience of property investment and development plus the practical experience of installing solar PV systems, Tim is uniquely placed to offer advice on how to get the best out of solar PV projects in the context of a property portfolio.

Fiona Hughes


Fiona is the founder of Green Heat Coop, a social enterprise focusing on providing advice to households who want to make their homes more efficient and climate-friendly. She has worked on the decarbonisation of heat since 2017, advising government bodies, businesses, and homeowners on green heating solutions. Fiona’s background is in mechanical engineering and she is trained in heating system design.

Mark Hutchison

Non-Executive Chair

Mark draws upon his diverse business experience. This ranges from Procter & Gamble, to managing a Regent Street store to starting, growing, and successfully selling several businesses. Mark’s leadership focuses on growth, driving sales and maintaining a clear strategic direction. Simultaneously, Mark ensures that both client and company values are centre stage.


Head of Catering

As the brother of Ana, Kin has been maintaining the pecking order with his team of hens. They have been reliably supplying us with all of our dietary needs, provided of course that eggs are what is needed. Poaching, frying, boiling, scrambling, Kin can do it all. Other talents include waking everyone at the crack of dawn, making a mess of the garden and providing a focal point for guests. 

Our accountability – B Corp

We provide our clients with support to decarbonise their homes, businesses and communities. This is what we do. From the get-go, we have committed to do this in a way that meets the highest standards of performance, accountability and transparency. As we strive to do better, we have chosen to join the B Corp movement to challenge us to demonstrate how we serve all our stakeholders. More information can be found on the B Corp website.