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Bespoke energy consultations

Developed with and delivered to one of Europe’s largest software companies, our 1-2-1 energy consultations form a unique benefit and reward package for your employees. To help reduce homeworking emissions, supporting their journey to improve efficiency and decarbonise homes.

We speak 1-2-1 with your employees and consult on their specific circumstances. By creating an opportunity for both you and them to take decisive action on scope 3 emissions, climate change and living costs. Our energy consultations service supports you to drive engagement, promote goal alignment and accelerate your company’s journey to net zero. 

For your business and your team 

We believe that renewable energy and sustainable transport should be accessible to everyone. Our online energy consultations are interactive and bespoke that demystify the sometimes confusing world of renewable energy and sustainable travel.

Our team of experts are knowledgeable and impartial with no vested interest in making a sale or steering your people towards a particular solution over another. We tailor our advice to each individual’s circumstances to help them fulfil their objectives, whatever they may be. 

Our sustainable transport and electric vehicle consultations perfectly complement EV and bicycle salary sacrifice schemes that many companies already offer.

The ChargeWorks 1-2-1 energy consultations service is uniqueWe have thought outside the box to deliver bespoke expert advice in a friendly informative way that truly empowers your employees to take positive action, saving them money and carbon at home and on the road.

Your company’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance is important to your customers, investors and other stakeholders. Studies show that higher ESG scores can also impact employee attraction and retention, and our 1-2-1 energy consultations service provides your employees with actionable support and shows that you really care.

What’s good for your team is good for your business.

Organisational benefits

Organisational benefits

  • Maximise talent and member retention
  • Show you care - value alignment
  • Work towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Improve your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance
  • Feed into your Scope 3 emissions reporting
  • Complement your other benefits e.g. EV salary sacrifice
  • Widen your sphere of influence
  • Scalable, flexible and bespoke
  • Support promoting the consultations
  • Personal benefits

    Personal benefits

  • Practical, actionable advice and support
  • Decarbonise home and transport
  • Save energy - save money!
  • Unique opportunity for independent and impartial advice
  • Sense of belonging and community
  • Friendly and professional tailored advice
  • Promote energy literacy and wellbeing
  • Always relevant - as the market and technology adapts, so do we!
  • Easy to access from home or office
  • Energy consultations

    Electric vehicles & chargers

    Energy suppliers & tariffs

    Solar PV panel systems

    Air source heat pumps

    Heating system review

    Home battery systems


    Want to offer this benefit? 

    Are you an employer, benefits broker or membership manager wanting to find out more? Get in touch now to book a meeting. We can arrange a free consultation for you to trial. Let’s discuss how our bespoke package of consultations can be tailored to meet your goals.


    Do you want this benefit? 

    Do you wish you had access to this opportunity through your employer, membership or other network? Let us, and them, know by getting in touch!


    Do you have this benefit?

    If you’ve been offered our consultations already, lucky you! We can’t wait to speak with you. You’ll find a booking link through your employer benefit or membership platform. Please get in touch at benefit@chargeworks.co.uk if you need some guidance.


    “Exceptional advice and support that enabled me to navigate a complex and at times slightly shady market of green energy installers and products. ChargeWorks was like having a knowledgeable friend and advisor with you.”

    Paul Saunders
    1-2-1 consultation recipient

    “It was a highly valuable service. Tom and Emma's knowledge and their follow-up report were detailed and helpful. They were able to advise us on things we didn't even know to ask about. The money that we have saved as a result of the consultation is considerable. They advised us on electric batteries for our house. We now have the one for our home and are very pleased with the difference it is making.”

    Amanda Maguire
    Solution Architect
    1-2-1 consultation recipient

    “Tom has been very thorough in the design and follow-up of my solar panel consultation. Even when I have met with difficulties with my supplier who is unrelated to ChargeWorks, ChargeWorks folk still help me out with very helpful information and directions.”

    G Yeo
    Software Developer
    1-2-1 consultation recipient

    “Very helpful solar PV consultation and report from Tom. Good level of detail and responsive to the quirks of our house. ChargeWorks comes highly recommended from me!”

    D Jepson
    1-2-1 consultation recipient

    “Tom is a fountain of knowledge regarding solar systems and all things linked. He provided us with a very detailed report geared to our situation, including consideration of our partially shaded roof and our having an electric vehicle. All our questions have been fully answered and we are now in a position to consider the way forward.”

    R Brown
    1-2-1 consultation recipient

    “The Consultation with Emma and ChargeWorks was excellent. Emma gave great direction and advise on all matters connected with my potential purchase of an Electric Car and recommendations on where to look for EV Charger Installers in my area. I felt that the advice provided was practical and informative - for someone new to the world electric cars the discussion was very beneficial.”

    P Albury
    1-2-1 consultation recipient

    “We enjoyed a really informative consultation with Tom and look forward to his continued support as we go forward with our project.”

    V Waters
    1-2-1 consultation recipient

    “Tom at Chargeworks gave me plenty of time and explanations to understand what is involved when considering solar installation. and more too. Really useful and would recommend.”

    N Palmer
    1-2-1 consultation recipient

    “ChargeWorks was very helpful and professional in assessing our opportunities to have solar panels and use an electric vehicle charger. All you have to do is complete a simple form and they will do a very accurate remote assessment of your premises which they then use to discuss energy saving solutions with you. We’ve had other ‘renewable energy suppliers’ provide advice that wasn’t nearly so accurate or appropriate for our needs. I’m happy therefore to highly recommend them.”

    T Puddle
    1-2-1 consultation recipient

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